Hubert H.Adair of No 213  and No 151 Squadron Raf No 580088 flew in the Battle of Britain and lost his life shortly after the battle had ended. For More Info go to On the left menu click on SURFACE SITES then on the top of the "surface sites" page is a piece relating to Sgt H.H.Adair
P/O D.A.Adams of No 41 Squadron baled out of his Spitfire I (N3276) safely on the 7th of October 1940 during an attack on a Dornier Do 17 over Folkestone at 10:45hrs. 
P/O H.C.Adams of No 501 Squadron was killed in a Hurricane I (V6612) on the 6th of September 1940 at 09:00hrs over Ashford, Kent.
P/O R.A.C.Aberhardt of No 19 Squadron was killed when he crashed his Spitfire I (R6912) on landing at Fowlmere on the 31st of August 1940 at 08:50hrs. He had been attacked by a Bf 109 which had damaged the flap mechanism causing one of the flaps to stay retracted. This was only his second operation with the Squadron.
Wg/Cdr. M.M.Aitkin a Canadian flew with No 601 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Maxwell Aitken, was the thirty-year-old elder son of Lord Beaverbrook, Minister for Aircraft Production.
P/O H.J.Akroyd of No 152 Squadron was shot down near Lyme Regis in his Spitfire I (N3039) on the 7th of October 1940 at 16:40hrs. H.J.Akroyd died of his injuries the following day.
P/O E.S.Aldous joined No 610 Squadron on the 27th of  July 1940. Aldous destroyed a He 111 on the 30th of  August 1940 . He moved to No 41 Squadron in September and on the 28th of the month force landed his Spitfire I (X4345) after combat over Charing at 10:40hrs.  E.S.Aldous was K.I.A. on the 16th of October 1941 in a Hurricane II b (Z3028) of No 615 Squadron, aged 23.
P/O K.R.Aldridge of No 501 Squadron was injured on the 24th of August 1940 at 16:35hrs. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P3141) after combat with a Bf 109 over West Kingsdown. He broke his arm.
P/O J.N.E.Alexander joined No 151 Squadron on the 1st of July 1940. On the 28th of August 1940 at 17:30hrs he was shot down in flames during combat over the Thames Estuary, and he baled out of his Hurricane I (L2005), badly burned.
P/O Geoffrey 'Sammy' Allard of No 85 Squadron was born in York in 1912 and joined the R.A.F. as an aircraft apprentice in 1929. In 1936 he was accepted for pilot training and graduated as a Sergeant Pilot. 'Sammy' Allard fought in France and he shot down at least ten enemy aircraft. Allard was awarded the D.F.M. and promoted to Flight Sergeant. He fought in the Battle of Britain shot down a total of 23 enemy aircraft and was commissioned in August 1940. On one occasion he put his Hurricane down at Lympne with engine trouble. While his aircraft was being serviced the field was attacked and his Hurricane was destroyed, he escaped un-hurt.
On 13 March 1941, Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Allard, one of Fighter Command's leading aces took off in a Havoc and and all seemed normal until suddenly the aircraft appeared to lose speed, banked to the left, went into a spin and crashed. Allard, W.H.Hodgson a New Zealander from No 85 Squadron and another passenger were killed. It is believed that a nose panel was not secured properly and came off, jamming the rudder and causing the aircraft to become uncontrollable.
He is buried in Safron Waldon Borough Cemetery.
P/O P.O.D.Allcock of No 229 Squadron was wounded on the 23rd of September 1940. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P2979) over Hoo in Kent at 10:50hrs after being shot down.
P/O Hubert R.( Dizzy ) Allen flew with No 66 Squadron in Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. He later promoted to Squadron Leader and put in command of the Squadron. Later still he was promoted to Wing Commander. H.R.Allen was involved in a mid-air collision on the 28th of November 1940 with P.H.Willcocks in Spitfire II (P7491). Willcocks was killed and Allen was unhurt. His score was 5 destroyed, 3 shared, 2 probables, and 3 damaged.
F/O J.H.L.Allen a New Zealander was K.I.A. when he flew convoy patrol with No 151 Squadron on the 12th of July 1940 in a Hurricane (P3275). He ditched into the sea after combat with a Dornier Do 17 of II Gruppe of KG 2 at 09:45hrs off Orfordness.
P/O Johnnie L.Allen flew with No 54 Squadron from the outbreak of the war. On the 23rd of May 1940 Pilot Officer Allen took part in a daring rescue operation. He and A.Deere escorted their Flight Commander, James Leathart, to France where he was to land a Miles Master trainer and pick up the C/O of  No 74 Squadron who had made a forced landing on the airfield at Calais-Marck. The  pick-up was made, with Allen watching from 8,000 feet and Deere circling at low level. An approaching formation of Bf 109's was spotted by Allen as the Master taxied out for take-off. As a strafing Bf 109 pulled out of its dive, presenting a perfect target, Deere fired a short burst and the aircraft stalled and then crashed into the sea. Deere, climbing to help Allen, crossed the path of two Bf 109's, one of which turned towards him. Deere also turned, firing at the second one, which rolled over and dived away. Pursuing the first one, he caught up at treetop height and pursued him, firing off his remaining ammunition before the German headed for home. Diving towards the coast Deere called up Allen and was relieved to hear him answer. In the meantime the Master had taken off and headed for Hornchurch. In the action three Bf 109's had been shot down and three others severely damaged with no losses. 
      P/O J.L.Allen was killed on the 24th of July 1940 near Margate. His Spitfire (P9549) or (R6812) was shot down on convoy patrol by Bf 109's of III Gruppe of JG 26. He stalled and crashed at Cliftonville  at 12:30hrs.
P/O C.F.Ambrose of No 46 Squadron baled out of his Hurricane I (P3066) on the 4th of  September 1940 at 13:15hrs. He had been in combat with Bf 109's over Rochford.
Sgt J.A.Anderson of No 253 Squadron was wounded on the 14th of September 1940. He was in combat with a Bf 109 near Faversham and baled out of his stricken Hurricane I (P3804) at 18:10hrs.
F/O C.J.D.Andreae of No 64 Squadron was shot down and killed in his Spitfire I (R6990) on the 15th of August 1940 by a Bf 109 at 15:20hrs.
Sgt S.Andrew of No 46 Squadron was killed on the 11th of September 1940 at 11:00hrs. He spun his Hurricane I (P3525) into the ground after combat near Stapleford, Essex.
Sgt Tadeusz Andruszkow from Poland flew with No 303 Polish Squadron. He baled safely out of his Hurricane I (P3939) over Dartford following combat with a Bf 109 on the 15th of September 1940. On the 27th September 1940 he was K.I.A. when he was shot down in a Hurricane I (P3939) by H. Kopperschager from I Gruppe of JG 53 over the Horsham area at 09:35hrs .
P/O A.R.N.L.Appleford of No 66 Squadron baled out slightly wounded on the 4th of September 1940 at 09:50hrs. His Spitfire I (N9316) had been attacked by Bf 109's over the Thames Estuary.
P/O Dennis L.Armitage joined No 266 Squadron in June 1940. Armitage destroyed a Junkers Ju 88 on the 12th of August 1940 D.L.Armitage was awarded the D.F.C. on the 18th of July 1941.
P/O W.Armstrong of No 54 Squadron did not score any victories before or during the Battle of Britain. He was K.I.A. on the 18th of February 1943, aged 21.
Sgt S.J.Arnfield a New Zealander served with No 610 Spitfire Squadron at Biggin Hill and destroyed one aircraft before the Battle of Britain and two Bf 109's on the 18th of August 1940. On the 24th of August 1940 at 08:50hrs he was shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 51 off Ramsgate. He baled out of his Spitfire I (R6686), and broke an ankle on landing, ending his part in the Battle. Sgt S.J.Arnfield was awarded the D.F.C. on the 30th of June 1944.
P/O C.J.Arthur of No 248 Squadron was killed along with his crew (Sgt E.A.Ringwood & Sgt R.C.R.Cox ) on the 27th of August 1940 around mid-day. They were on a recce in a Blenheim off the Norwegian coast.
F/Lt R.C.V.Ash of No 264 Squadron and his pilot, S/Ldr G.D.Garvin were killed on the 28th of August 1940 at 09:00hrs. Their Defiant I (L7021) was shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 26 near Faversham.
P/O D.G.Ashton was with No 266 Squadron from the start of the Battle of Britain. Ashton was shot down in his Spitfire I (P9333) off Portsmouth on the 12th of August 1940, and reported M.I.A., aged 20.  His body was found by a minesweeper a month later and it was buried at sea.
Sgt D.J.Aslin joined No 32 Squadron on the 4th of August 1940. He was posted to No 257 Squadron on the 22nd of September and shot down by a Bf 109 on the 23rd of September 1940. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P2960) but was wounded.
P/O W.R.Assheton of No 222 Squadron  was on patrol on the 20th September1940. He baled out of his Spitfire I (K9993) with burns after an attack by a Bf 109 over the Thames Estuary, at 11:35hrs. His aircraft crashed at West Hanningfield, Essex.
Sgt F.P.J.Atkins from No 141 Squadron was shot down and killed along with his pilot (P/O R.Kidson) in their Defiant (L7015) off  Dover by a Bf 109 of JG 51 at 12:45hrs on the 19th of July1940.
Sgt G.Atkinson who flew with No 151 Squadron was shot down in combat with Do 17's on the 14th of August 1940 at 07:00hrs. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P3310) off Christchurch and was rescued from the sea. Atkinson was awarded the D.F.M. on the 7th of March 1941. Whilst serving as a flying instructor, he was killed on the 1st of March 1945, aged 29.
P/O Harold David Atkinson of No 213 Squadron shot down 2 Bf 109's and a He 111, 2  unconfirmed and 3 shared kills in France before the Battle of Britain. In August 1940 he destroyed  2 Bf 109's, 3 Bf 110's and a He 111.  His total score was 9 confirmed, 3 shared,2  unconfirmed and 2 damaged.  He was shot down and killed on the 25th of August 1940 at 18:00hrs in a Hurricane (P3200) near Portland.
P/O R. Harold Atkinson joined No 600 Squadron on the 10th of  August 1940 for only a few days. He was with No 213 Squadron when on the 18th of August 1940 he shot down a Bf 109 off Ventnor. He was K.I.A. on the 17th of October 1940 at 16:30hrs in his Hurricane I (P3174) in combat with a Bf 109 near Ashford, Kent aged 19.
LAC A.L.Austin of No 604 Squadron was on night patrol on the 25th of August 1940 and his Blenheim I (L6782) crashed  near Exeter. His pilot (J.G.B.Fletcher) and the other crew  member (C.Haigh) were killed. Austin died of his wounds on the 26th of August 1940.
Sgt David H.Ayers left No 600 Squadron in August and joined No 74 Squadron. Ayers baled out of his Spitfire II (P7362) into the sea on the 23rd of September 1940 while on a routine patrol and was killed, aged 26. His body was washed up on shore on the 4th of October 1940.
Sgt C.A.H.Ayling of No 43 Squadron was shot down over France on the 7th of June 1940 while on patrol over the River Somme, he crash landed his Hurricane I (L1737). He then flew an abandoned Hurricane with a leaky fuel tank back to Tangmere on the 10th of June. C.A.H.Ayling was K.I.A. while flying with No 421 flight, he was shot down in his Spitfire Mk II (P7303) on the 11th of October 1940, at 16:00hrs over Newchurch, Kent, aged 28.