No 32 Hurricane Squadron - Biggin Hill 

Rally Round Comrades

Squadron Leader J.Worrall
Squadron Leader M.N.Crossley
No 32 Squadron was formed on the 12th of January 1916 from surplus personnel from No 21 Squadron at Netheravon. It was disbanded on the 29th of December 1919. It re-formed on the 1st of April 1923at Kenley. It then moved to Biggin Hill and later re-equiped with Hawker Hurricane's just before the start of the war. In May 1940 they flew from in France using Abbeville as a forward base. 
They flew Hurricanes from Biggin Hill from the beginning of the Battle of Britain, until it moved to Acklington in 13 Group for a rest on the 28th of August 1940.

S.E.Andrews D.K.Ashton D.J.Aslin
W.H.Banks A.R.H.Barton E.A.Bayley
H.E.Black P.M.Brothers G.G.R.Bulmer
W.C.Connell M.N.Crossley J.D.Crossman
Czternastek B.Davey V.G.Daw
A.F.Eckford J.P.Falkowski J.Flinders
R.C.Fumerton P.M.Gardner A.W.Gear
R.J.V.Gent K.R.Gillman Griffiths
D.H.Grice R.G.C.deH de Grunne C.L.Gould
B.Henson D.T.Hick W.B.Higgins
O.V.Houghton J.B.Humpherson R.R.Hutley
Z.Janicki Korber Kosinski
L.N.Landels S.E.Lucas A.H.Milnes
J.F.Pain L.H.B.Pearce J.F.Pain
R.J.Parrot T.G.Pickering J.Pfeiffer
K.Pniak J.E.Proctor J.H.Rothwell
J.Rose H a'B Russell W.Sasak
E.G.A.Seghers A.Seredyn H.F.W.Shead
R.F.Smythe Thatcher P.D.Thompson
G.Turner J.L.Ward B.A.Wlasnowolski
J.Worrall J.W.White Whitehouse

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