No 41 Spitfire Squadron 

Squadron Leader H. R. L. Hood
Squadron Leader R.C.F.Lister

No 41 Squadron was formed on the 14th of July 1916 at Gosport and was disbanded on the last day of 1919. It was reformed on the 1st of April 1923 at Northolt. In January 1939 they started to receive their Spitfires at Catterick. First blood for the Squadron came on the 3rd of April when N.Ryder shot down a He 111 off Whitby.
On the 28th of May 1940 they moved to Hornchurch from where they covered Dunkirk with patrols. The Squadron then moved back to Catterick.
They moved to to Hornchurch on the 3rd of September 1940 to relieve No 54 Squadron and stayed until the end of 1940.

D.A.Adams F.J.Aldridge J.W.Allison
R.A.Angus H.C.Baker C.S.Bamburger
R.A.Beardsley G.H.Bennions J.G.Boyle
M.P.Brown R.A.Carra-Lewty L.R.Carter
H.H.Chalder G.W.Cory E.V.Darling
G.G.F.Draper D.O.Finlay R.C.Ford
D.R.Gamblen L.A.Garvey T.W.R.Healy
I.E.Howitt G.A.Langley J.G.Lecky
R.C.F.Lister P.D.LLoyd D.P.Lloyd
E.S.Lock A.D.J.Lovell J.N.Mackenzie
J.McAdam D.E.Mileham O.B.Morrough-Ryan
D.H.O'Niell N.Ryder J.E.Sayers
W.J.Scott E.A.Shipman F.Usmar
J.R.Walker R.W.Wallens J.T.Webster

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