Heinkel He 111

Designer : E.Heinkel
Description : Twin Engined Bomber
Type : Low Wing Monoplane

Wingspan : 74 ft 1.5 inches ( m )
Length : 54 ft 5.5 inches ( m )
Height :
Wing Area :
Engines : 2 X 1340 Jumo 211 F2
B.H.P. :1340 bhp
Armament : 6 X 7.9 mm MG 15 Machine Guns
Bomb Load : 5,510 lb
Gross Weght : 27,400 lb

Max Speed : 258 mph
Service Cieling : 22,900 ft
Range : 1,750 miles
First Flight : 1934
Service Entry : 1937


The He 111K, Mark V has completely transparent nose, with the "blister" gun position, and gives the pilot excellent visibility in every direction in which he requires it, including downward through the rudder controls.  There is no windscreen to break the lines of the fuselage, but a single panel above the pilot hinges upward to allow him to see out in bad weather. The fuselage lines are very good and flush riveting makes it a very  smooth aeroplane. The cantilever tail unit has a single fin and rudder. At the root the wing is faired into the fuselage with a generous fillet and apparently in an effort to keep this as small as possible-for fillets add drag-the chord of the wing has been slightly reduced at this point Slotted flaps are fitted.

Heinkel He111

The structure of both wing and fuselage is orthodox light alloy stressed-skin construction. The wing is of two-spar design of open girder type, and the main plane is attached to the centre plane just outboard of the engine by screw-up ball joints in each spar. Control surfaces are metal-covered  Unlike the Ju 88, the He 111K is only suitable for level bombing and cannot be used for dive bombing. Its bombs are stowed internally in vertical racks along each side of the cabin. Four 250 kg. bombs hang fins downward in the racks on each side, making its total bomb load just two tons, but not with full tanks. The bomb sight location is indicated by the egg-shaped plate on the underside of the nose.
The retractable undercarriage is neatly designed with double brake drums operated hydraulically.  The pilot's seat is armoured with 10 mm. armour plate.  The Heinkel He 111 has been modified many times since it first appeared in 1935.
The data given here applies to  Heinkel He 111K. Mark V, series H.
 The engine installation is two Junkers Jumo 211 Ds.or  Mercedes-Benz DB 601As. Airscrews are the electrically operated VDM feathering type. The dimensions are: Span. 74.25ft. ; length, 54.5ft. ; height, 13.75ft. ; mean chord, 12.7ft. Normal weights are: Empty. 14,400 lb.; petrol (760 gallons). 5.700 lb.; oil, 700 lb. The total loaded weight is normally 24.900 lb. Maximum permissible overloaded weight is 27,300 lb. Maximum speed of  274 m.p.h. at 12,300 ft. and landing speed is around  75 m.p.h.


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