Saturday the 24th of August 1940
Day: A major difference in tactics sees the introduction of 'stepped' raids, with successive formations of aircraft at different altitudes from low level fighter-bomber groups to high-level bombers at 24,000 ft. As one formation sets off so another builds up behind Calais, and the raiders split off into feint attacks as they proceeded, making interception most difficult at all levels and positions. Dover and Ramsgate are attacked while Manston was put completely out of action. High-altitude assault on the Thames Estuary. Hornchurch escapes major damage, but North Weald is badly hit with damage to the station buildings the stores, two of the messes and the married quarters. A similar multilevel force attacks other Southern areas, including Southampton and Portsmouth. Airfields in South East-Manston, Ramsgate, Hornchurch, North Weald. A heavy raid took place on Portsmouth.

Night: At night, the heaviest force yet sent out heads for Rochester and Thameshaven,  they then split into groups which range the country. East and the Central London are attacked successively with high explosive and incendiaries, causing widespread fires. At a quarter past midnight the first bomb since 1918 hits Central London. Widespread raids and minelaying.

Losses: Luftwaffe 38: Fighter Command  22

Weather: Mainly fine in south with drizzle in north.