No 601 Hurricane Squadron

County of London Squadron 
Squadron Leader the Hon. Edward Ward

No 601 Squadron was formed on the 14th of October 1925.
A Royal Auxillary Air Force Squadron, this was the so-called "millionaires squadron" of the RAF. Among its members was The Honourable Max Aitken, son of Lord Beaverbrook, the Minister for Aircraft Production, who was also the Squadron C/O until posted away on July the 20th 1940, and Whitney Straight, who was medically unfit (due to injuries he suffered in the Norwegian campaign) until late September but who became Managing Director of B.O.A.C. after the war.
No 601 Squadron flew Hurricane's from Tangmere until moving to Debden for two weeks on 19 August 1940. They returned to Tangmere on the 2nd of September before moving to the relative quiet of Exeter in 10 Group on the 7th of September 1940.

A.J.M.Aldwingle M.Aitken R.Beamish
F.A.Bernard D.Bomford P.Challoner Lindsey
G.N.S.Cleaver W.P.Clyde H.W.Coussens
C.R.Davis R.S.Demetriadi W.G.Dickie
C.A.W.Dixon M.D.Doulton Fenwick
W.M.L.Fiske J.Gillan T.Grier
D.L.Gould G.Griffiths L.N.Guy
R.P.Hawkings E.L.Hetherington W.F.C.Hobson
A.P.Hope T.E.Hubbard F.H.R.Hulbert
J.S.Jankiewicz R.C.Lawson R.J.Legg
P.C.Lindsey A.L.MacDonald H.C.Mayers
T.A.McCann J.K.U.B.McGrath A.McInnes
R.A.Milburn H.G.Niven D.B.Oglivie
J.A.O'Niell V.D.Page A.H.D.Pond
W.H.Rhodes-Moorhouse C.J.H.Riddle H.J.Riddle
A.J.Rippon J.H.Rothwell P.B.Robinson
R.B.Rohacek J.W.Seddon J.L.Smithers
Starll W.W.Straight W.Szafranciec
R.N.Taylor J.Topolnicki J.V.Wadham
E.F.Ward A.W.Woolley

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