Friday the 19th of July 1940

Day: There was a heavy raid on Dover by Ju 87`s with Bf 109 escorts. No 141 Squadron (Defiant's) tangled with 20, Bf 109`s of JG 2 in the Folkestone area with the loss of 6 aircraft., Selsey and Portland were also attacked. In the afternoon some 70 enemy bombers with fighter escort attacked Dover and were met by some 35 Hurricane's and Spitfire's.

 Hitler gave his 'last appeal to reason' speech to Reichstag and announces the promotion of Göring to Reichsmarschall.

Göring was in conference with the commanders of Luftflotten 2 & 3. He remarked that "Fighting alone all these weeks on the Channel front, Jagdgeschwader 51 has already shot down 150 of the enemy's aircraft, quite enough to weaken him seriously Think now of all the bombers we can parade in the English sky. The few R.A.F. fighters will not be able to cope

Night: The South coast and various ports between Plymouth and Harwich, and in and around Thames estuary are attacked during night.

Losses: Luftwaffe 5: Fighter Command 11.
Weather: Bright intervals with showers.