No 43 Hurricane Squadron
Glory is the End

The Fighting Cocks
No 43 Squadron was formed on the 15th of April 1916 at Sterling and was disbanded on th 31st of December 1919. it was re-formed on the1st of July 1925 as a Home defence fighter Squadron at Henlow. They re-eqiped with Hawker Hurricanes in November 1938. 
During the Battle of Britain it was a Hurricane Squadron and was based at Tangmere, No 43 Squadron was detached to Northolt for a week at the end of July. They flew from Tangmere until the 8th of September 1940, when they moved north to Usworth in 13 Group for a rest.

K.M.Allen M.R.Atkinson C.A.H.Ayling
J.V.C.Badger J.C.L.D.Bailey H.I.R.Barrow
 H.E.Bennett V.Brejcha G.C.Brunner
J.A.Buck F.R.Carey M.K.Carswell
R.I.Chaffe J.L.Crise J.L.Crisp
J.Cruttenden T.P.Dalton-Morgan A.L.M.Deller
R.A.DeMancha G.W.Garton J.Gil
D.G.Gorrie C.K.Gray Groszewski
H.J.L.Hallowes J.F.J.Haworth A. van den Hove d'Ertsenrijck
C.Hull C.A.L.Hurry G.Jeffreson
E.W.Jereczek E.R.Jessop R.A.Johnson
J.I.Kilmartin R.Lane Langdon
MacKenzie B.Malinowski J.P.Mills
H.F.Montgomery T.F.D.Morgan D.Noble
H.L.North H.R.North J.R.S.Oelofse
P.G.Ottewill C.N.Overton G.C.C.Palliser
J.Pipa R.Ptacak J.Redman
R.C.Reynell DARG le Roy du Vivier A.G.Russell
J.Sika J.W.C.Simpson J.Stenhouse
D.R.Stoodley Toogood F.J.Twitchett
H.C.Upton G.H.Westlake Wilkinson

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