Sunday the 18th of August 1940
Day: Several waves of massed raiders are sent against southern airfields. This is the first use in battle of Kampfgruppe 100 as a pathfinder unit. Airfield targets include Biggin Hill, Croydon, Kenley (which was badly damaged), West Malling and Ford (severe damage at Ford). Gosport and Thorney Island were attacked later in the day. There was indiscriminate bombing in South-East Croydon and the Rollason factory was bombed again. Poling radar station was bombed and put out of action for a week. A large formation of Ju 87's was engaged by  No's 152 - No 601 - No 602 and No 234 Squadron's. It was the last major use of the Ju 87's in the Battle of Britain, due to heavy losses, sixteen of them were shot down on this day.

Night: Nocturnal bombing started again over Central England, and further mine laying of South Wales, Bristol and East Anglia.

Losses: Luftwaffe 69 : Fighter Command 43 (including ground losses). Plus one Very brave chap by the name of B.Hancock

Weather: Fine and clear at first, but soon overcast.