Friday the 30th of August 1940

Day: The early attacks on shipping off the Essex coasts prove to be a diversion for subsequent heavy multi-wave attacks, coming in at various levels and making many feints en-route. Due partly to power failure which put 7 radar stations out for a time, many British airfields were surprised by the heavy attacks. Biggin Hill was severely damaged; Kenley, North Weald, Northolt, Slough and Oxford received minor damage; Detling, Shoreham and Tangmere less still. Various convoys are also attacked, and other targets from Isle of Sheppey to Bedfordshire. Fighter Command flew 1,054 sorties this day, with some Squadrons flying four times and most of them flew at least twice.

Night: Heavy night raids again seek Liverpool as main target, though widespread attacks elsewhere, including some by single raiders against London and the surrounding airfields.

Losses: Luftwaffe 36, Fighter Command 25.

Weather: It was generally fair. Clear in South and over the Channel.