No 74 Spitfire Squadron 
Tiger Squadron
Trinidad Squadron

Squadron Leader Francis White

No 74 Squadron was formed on the 1st of July 1917 at Northolt and was disbanded in the July of 1919. No 74 was re-born on the 1st of September 1935 at Hal Far, Malta equipped with Hawker Demons.
No 74 Squadron (Tigers) received their Spitfire's by the 16th of February 1939. They were based at  Hornchurch and used Manston as a foreword base and returned to Hornchurch at the end of each day. They moved to Wittering on the 14th of August 1940, they then went to Kirton-in-Lindsey, from the 21st of August 1940, and then to Coltishall, from the 10th of September 1940 to be part of the Big Wing. They re-equipped with Mk II Spitfire's at this time.

D.H.Ayers R.J.E.Boulding S.Brzezina
Buckland F.P.Burnard D.Carlson
P.Chesters E.W.Churches D.G.Cobden
D.H.Dowding B.V.Draper F.W.Eley
C.W.Francis W.D.K.Franklin J.C.Freeborn
L.E.Freese J.N.Glendenning H.R.Gunn
D.Hastings C.G.Hilken J.Howard
D.P.D.G.Kelly T.B.Kirk E.A.Mould
A.Malan E.Mayne W.E.G.Measures
N.Morrison J.C.Mungo-Park W.H.Nelson
J.Rogowski A.L.Ricalton J.A.Scott
W.M.Skinner A.J.Smith D.N.E.Smith
H.J.Soars R.L.Spurdle H.M.Stephen
P.C.F.Stevenson P.C.B.St John H.Szczesny
F.White J.H.R.Young  

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