No 152 Spitfire Squadron

Hyderabad Squadron
Faithful Ally 
Squadron Leader P.Devitt
No 152 Squadron  was formed on the 18th of October 1918 and was disbanded in June 1919. It was re-formed on the 1st of October 1939 at Acklington as a fighter squadron. They became operational with Spitfires by the 6th of January 1940.
 It was based at Warmwell throughout the Battle of Britain.

H.J.Ackroyd C.G.Bailey J.K.Barker
I.N.Bayles G.T.Baynham B.P.A.Boitel-Gill
W.Beaumont J.M.Christie G.J.Cox
E.C.Deanesly P.Devitt D.H.Fox-Male
R.M.D.Hall N.E.Hancock E.S.Hogg
R.M.Hogg K.C.Holland F.H.Holmes
P.H.Humphreys R.F.Inness J.S.B.Jones
A.W.Kearsey Z.Klein E.Marrs
Marsh P.G.St.G.O'Brian F.H.Posener
L.A.E.Reddington D.N.Robertson D.C.Shepley
E.E.Shepperd W.G.Silver Tabor
F.M.Thomas Walton C.Warren
A.R.Watson T.S.Wildblood W.D.Williams
L.C.Withall R.Wolton

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