Wednesday the 11th of September 1940

Day: "Seelowe", scheduled for today, is postponed until the 14th of September. There were afternoon raids, with aircraft from Luftflotten 2 and 3, they headed for London and, after prior reconnaissance, other formations attacked Portsmouth and Southampton. Although mostly were broken up, the raiders caused considerable damage in the City, Central London and Dockside areas. Other raiders regrouped to attack Brooklands, Biggin Hill, Hornchurch and Kenley. Diversionary formations attack convoys and other shipping, and several fighter sweeps were sent over raiding the South-East airfields and Southampton and Portsmouth.

Night: Night bombing was spread over much wider area, due to doubling of London anti-aircraft defences. Other bombers attack Liverpool.

Losses: Luftwaffe 25: Fighter Command 29.

Weather: Improving to mainly fine. Cloud and showers in the Channel and the South East.