Monday the 12th of August 1940
Day: The eve of Phase 2 of the Battle of Britain. The Luftwaffe issues new orders for 'Adler Tag' on 13th, and has its most successful day so far. Large-scale attack groups are launched, with a heavy  raid of  Ju 88's on Portsmouth. Five fighter airfields were badly damaged, including Hawkinge, Lympne (which was made unserviceable) and Manston (put temporarily out of action after raid by Do 17's of KG 2). There were also raids on Dover, Pevensey radar station and Rye. The raids on the Radar Stations were carried out by fighter bombers (Bf 109 & Bf 110) of Ep 210 who disabled Ventnor radar station and damaged three others six installations were attacked.

Night: Widespread small nuisance raids at night over the Southern half of the country.

Losses: Luftwaffe 31 : Fighter Command  22.

Weather: Fine and clear with some mist and haze. 

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