No 257 Hurricane Squadron
'Death or Glory'
Burma Squadron
No 257 Squadron was formed at Dundee on the 18th of August 1918 and disbanded there on the 30th of June 1919. It re-formed on the 17th of May 1940 as a Fighter Squadron.
No 257 Squadron moved to Debden on the 15th of August 1940. From the 5th of September 1940 the Squadron operated from Martlesham Heath Satellite Station.

K.M.Allen S.E.Andrews D.J.Aslin
L.D.Barnes H.R.A.Beresford H.E.Black
H.P.Blatchford A.R.Bon Signeur W.S.Bowyer
Y.J.Briere P.M.Brothers C.F.A.Capon
M.Chelmecki J.A.G.Chomley D.A.Coke
A.C.Cochrane B.W.J.D'Arcy-Irvine B.Davey
A.D.Farquhar R.V.Forward D.N.Francis
R.H.B.Fraser C.G.Frizell A.G.Girdwood
K.C.Gundry N.M.Hall H.Harkness
J.A.M.Henderson N.B.Heywood R.D.Hogg 
D.J.Hulbert D.W.Hunt H.N.Hoyle
E.R.Jessop J.K.Kay S.E.Lucas
G.H.Maffett J.C.Martin R.G.Mitchell
P.A.Mortimer G.North R.C.Nutter
A.J.Page J.Pfeiffer J.Redman
P.T.Robinson L.H.Schwind H.F.W.Shead
K.B.Smith R.R.Stanford-Tuck F.Surma

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