Sunday the 25th of August 1940
Day: Fairly quiet until late afternoon, when heavy raid crosses Dorset coast. Flying very high, with massed fighter protection, the raid (200-plus aircraft) bombs several western areas from Weymouth to Scilly Isles and across to Bristol and Pembroke. Warmwell airfield badly damaged. A later raid (approximately 100 aircraft) cuts across Dover and the Thames Estuary but is routed by No 17 Squadron - No 87 Squadron and No 609 Squadron from 11 Group Fighter Command squadrons.

Night: Main night raids are on Birmingham, Coventry, Reading and many southern towns; others strike South Wales and Scotland, with surprise attacks on several Scottish airfields.

Berlin was raided by Bomber Command at night as reprisal for attack on London.

Losses: Luftwaffe 20: Fighter Command 16

Weather: Fair at first, becoming cloudy later.