No 46 Hurricane Squadron 
Uganda Squadron

No 46 Squadron was formed on the 19th of April 1916 at Wyton and was disbanded on the 31st of December 1919. "B" Flight of  No 17 Squadron was re-numbered to No 46 Squadron on the 3rd of September 1936 an expanded to a full Squadron. It was re-equipped with Hawker Hurricanes in March 1939 at Digby. They fought in Norway. 
In September 1940 they moved south to the North Weald Sector where they were heavily involved in the fighting. The Squadron was issued with its first 4 cannon armed Hurricane I ((V7360) PO B) and on the 5th of September 1940 A.C.Ragagliati shot down a Bf 109.

Squadron Leader J.R.MacLachlan

S.Andrew C.F.Ambrose F.Austin
J.C.L.D.Bailey R.H.Barber H.E.Black
E.Bloor N.W.Burnett R.E. de Cannart d'Hamale
J.C.Carpenter A.M.Cooper-Key J.D.Crossman
R.L.Earp G.H.Edworthy W.R.Farley
P.W. le Fevre A.T.Gooderham P.S.Gunning
C.A.L.Hurry C.W.Jefferys A.E.Johnson
G.Leggett R.A.McGowan P.R.McGregor
H.Morgan-Gray J.P.Morrison K.Mrazek
W.B.Pattullo W.A.Peacock R.P.Plummer
A.C.Ragagliati R.Reid R.Sellers
E.Tyrer E.E.Williams C.R.Young

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