P/O P.C.Wickings-Smith of No 235 Squadron was flying escort to Fairey Albacores on the 11th of September 1940. The Fairey Albacores from the Fleet Air Arm were on a raid on Calais at 17:30hrs and the Blenheim IV-f (L9396) flown by P/O Wickings-Smith was shot down. P.C.Wickings-Smith and the crew all died on the mission (A.W.V.Green & R.D.H.Watts).
F/O B.J.Wicks was a regular and one of the members of No 56 Squadron "B" Flight that fought in France, he scored one kill but was shot down behind enemy lines on the 22nd of May. He evaded capture for ten days, making his way to Dunkirk where he was arrested by the French on suspicion of being a spy. He was handed over to the English, then he was taken back to England and with some effort his identity was established and he returned to No 56 Squadron. He was credited with one victory during the Battle and was shot down once, on the 26th of August 1940 but baled out of his Hurricane I (V7340) unhurt. Wicks was awarded the D.F.C. on the 6th of June 1941. Wicks was killed over Malta on the 12th of October 1942, aged 22.
F/Lt Roland Derek G.Wight was with No 213 Squadron at the outbreak of the war. He shot down 4 enemy aircraft in France plus 6 more over Dunkirk for which he was awarded the D.F.C.. He was shot down and killed of Portland on the 11th of August 1940 in his Hurricane I (P3789) at 11:00hrs whilst leading 3 Hurricane's against 60 Bf 110's. He held the D.F.C. and is buried at Cayeux sur Mer France. He was 24 years old. His Score stood at 10½ confirmed kills.
Midshipman O.M.Wightman a regular was one of the F.A.A. pilots loaned to Fighter Command in June, he joined No 151 Squadron on the 1st of  July 1940. On the 9th of July 1940 Wightman took off at 14:40hrs in his Hurricane I (P3806) for convoy patrol. He shot down a Bf 109 and was then shot down himself by another, baling out safely over the Thames Estuary. He was rescued by a trawler. Wightman rejoined the Navy in February 1941, he was K.I.A. on the 30th of June 1941, aged 20.
F/O E.J.Wilcox  of No 72 Squadron was shot down and killed in his Spitfire I (P9457) on the 31st of August 1940 at 19:10hrs over Dungeness.
P/O T.S.Wildblood of No 152 Squadron was shot down and killed off Portland on the 25th of August 1940 at 17:30hrs in a Spitfire I (R6994). He was mentioned in dispatches on the 17th of March 1941.
Sgt G.N.Wilkes of No 213 Squadron was killed when his Hurricane I (P2854) was shot down over the Channel off Bognor at 12:45hrs on the 12th of August 1940.
Sgt. Kenneth A.Wilkinson flew with No 616 Squadron in Spitfire's during the Battle of Britain. He was later promoted to Flying Officer.
S/L R.L.Wilkinson took command of No 266 Squadron on the 6th of July 1940. Wilkinson destroyed a Dornier Do17 on the 12th of August and a Junkers Ju 88 on the 15th of August. Wilkinson was shot down by Bf 109's on the 16th of August 1940 at 12:35hrs in his Spitfire I (R6768) near Deal, Kent and killed, aged 30.
Sgt P.H.Willcocks joined No 610 Squadron on the 27th of July 1940. He moved to No 66 Squadron in early September. He made a force-landing on the 14th of September 1940 due to engine failure, and another on the 29th of September 1940, slightly wounded, after combat with enemy fighters. Willcocks moved to No 66 Squadron and his Spitfire II (P7491) was involved in a mid-air collision with P/O H.R.Allen (who baled out unhurt) on the 28th of November 1940 and he was killed, aged 20.
S/L Cedric W.Williams was leader No 17 Squadron of Hurricane's during the Battle of Britain. On the 18th of August 1940 his Hurricane I (V7404) was damaged in combat with Bf 109's off Dover at 13:50hrs. He was shot down and killed on the 25th of August 1940 in a head on attack in his Hurricane I (R4199) on a Bf 110 off Portland at 17:45hrs.
P/O D.G.Williams of No 92 Squadron was killed when his Spitfire I (X4038) collided with the Spitfire I (R6616) of F/O J.F.Drummond on the 10th of October 1940 over Tangmere at 18:15hrs. Williams's aircraft crashed East of Brighton, Sussex.
F/Sgt E.E.Williams of No 46 Squadron was killed on the 15th of October 1940 when his Hurricane I (V6650)  was shot down by a Bf 109 at 14:30hrs. His Hurricane crashed near Gravesend in Kent.
P/O W.S.Williams a New Zealander joined the newly-formed No 266 Squadron in November 1939. On the 12th of August he shot down a Ju 88 but was himself forced to belly-land his damaged aircraft at Bembridge. He barely got clear of the blazing Spitfire I (N3175) when it exploded. He shot down two more aircraft during the Battle of Britain. On the 21st of October he took part in an interception and after the action he landed at another airfield to refuel, as he took off he flew low across the airfield and then seemed to stall. His engine cut and unable to pull out, he crashed and was killed, aged 21.
F/L D.S.Wilson was a pre-war member of No 610 Squadron, he claimed a Bf 109 on the 25th of July and another Bf 109 on the 26th of August 1940.
P/O Robert Roy Wilson a Canadian flew Hurricane's with No 111 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down in his Hurricane I and killed in combat on the 11th of August 1940 at 14:25hrs. 
Sgt J.Winstanley from No 151 Squadron was injured in a Hurricane I (R4185), he hit the ground at Biscathorpe, Lincs, chasing a He 111 through low cloud, at 17:30hrs on the 17th of September 1940.
P/O D.C.Winter of No 72 Squadron was killed on the 5th of September 1940 at 14:25hrs. His Spitfire I (X4013) was shot down in combat with a Bf 109 over Kent. He baled out of his aircraft too low.
Sgt J.F.Wise of No 141 Squadron was on convoy patrol on the 19th of July 1940 when they were attacked by Bf 109's off Dover. Their Defiant (L6983) was damaged and he bailed out and was lost. I.N.MacDougall the pilot crash landed the aircraft and was safe.
P/O D.H.Wissler of No 17 Squadron was wounded on the 24th of September 1940 at 09:15hrs. His Hurricane I (P3168) was damaged by a Bf 109 and he crash landed. D.H.Wissler was killed on the 11th of November 1940 while on patrol, he was shot down whilst attacking a a Ju 87 Stuka over the Thames Estuary.
F/Lt L.C.Withall of No 152 Squadron was shot down and killed on the 12th of August 1940 at 12:20hrs by a Ju 88 off the Isle of Wight in his Spitfire I (P9456).
F/O Stephan Witorzenk from Poland flew with No 501 Squadron in Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain. He shot down a Bf 109 from II Gruppe og JG 51 on the 18th of August 1940 near Whitstable at around 17:35hrs. His tally of kills for the war was 5 confirmed 1 shared and 2 damaged. He attained the rank of Group Captain.
P/O Boleslaw A. 'Vodka' Wlasnowolski from Poland he flew with No 607 Squadron, No 32 Squadron & No 213 Squadron's. He joined No 32 Squadron on the 8th of August 1940. On the 18th of August 1940 he damaged his Hurricane I (R4081) when he ran into a tree stump at Biggin Hill after combat. He scored four kills during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down by a Bf 109 over Portsmouth in his Hurricane I (N2608) and K.I.A. on the 1st of November 1940, aged 23. Wlasnowolski was awarded V.M. (5th Class) on the 1st of February 1941 and K.W. on the 31st of October 1947.