Messerschmitt Bf 110C-4

Designer: W.Messerschmitt
Type: Twin engined two or three seat fighter
Description : Low Wing Monoplane
Wingspan : 53 ft 5 inches ( 16.28 m )
Length : 39 ft 8½ ( 12.10 m )
Height (max): 11 ft 6 inches ( 3.51 m )
Wing Area : 413 sq feet ( 38.36 m sq )
Weight empty : 11,220 lb ( 5090 kg ) approx
Weight loaded : 15,300 lb ( 9392 kg )
Engines : 2X Daimler-Benz DB 601A 12 cylinder liquid cooled.
B.H.P. : Each rated at 1100 hp each
Armament : 4 fixed 7.9 mm MG17 machine guns + 2 fixed 20 mm MG FF cannon
+ 1 flexibly mounted 7.9 mm MG15 Machine gun.
Maximum speed : 349 mph (562 kph ) at 22,950 ft (7,000 m )

Initial Climb rate : 2,200 fpm ( 670 m/pm)
Ceiling : 32,000 ft ( 9750 m )
Range : 565 miles ( 910 km )
First Flight : (Bf110v-1 prototype) 12 May 1936
Notes :
Fuselage The stressed-skin fuselage is built in two parts, a short nose piece and all the rest in one piece. The section is oval and at the pilot's cockpit has a beam of .94 m. (37 ins.). The pilot sits just forward of the frame taking the front wing attachment, so that his view is quite unobstructed by the wing. Beneath the pilot are the fixed guns to fire forward. The nose-piece, through which the gun barrels protrude, is attached at four points to the main fuselage.
The Wings The wing is straight tapered (2.7:1) with a small rounded tip. The ratio of root thickness to chord is 0.185, which is fairly thick. There are slotted flaps (20 per cent. of the chord) and slotted ailerons with external mass-balance weights. There are leading-edge slats along the outer half of each wing. So far as is known, these slots are automatic and not connected with the flaps or ailerons. The wing is in two pieces.
Each half is connected directly to the side of the fuselage, with 5.5 deg. dihedral measured on the lower surface. There is a single spar in the Me 110 it is at 39 per cent of the chord from the leading edge, constant along the whole span. The rib spacing is 10 ins., except where the nacelle and chassis gap occur. The wing is entirely metal covered. Wing attachment to the fuselage is at four points. The four points are at the main spar flanges, at a point at the leading edge and at another point about one-third of the chord forward of the trailing edge. The tanks are in the wing between engine and fuselage. One tank is forward and one aft of the spar in each half of the wing. The total capacity is about 1,820 litres (400 gallons).


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