No 141 Defiant Squadron 
'We Stay By Night'
Squadron Leader W.A.Richardson
Squadron Leader E.C.Wolfe

No 141 Squadron was formed on the 1st of January 1918 at Rochford from A. Flight of No 61 Squadron as a Home Defence Unit. It was disbanded on the 1st of February 1920 at Baldonnel. It was re-formed on the 4th of October 1939 and started to receive Boulton Paul Defiant's in the April of 1940 and was operational by the 3rd of June 1940. 

Pilots &Crew
L.H.Allen I.R.Arthur A.E.Ashcroft
G.Ashfield F.P.J.Atkins A.F.Beechey
J.G.Benson L.D.Bowman W.T.Chard
A.N.Constantine J.H.Coxon D.G.Creswell
R.Crombie W.A.Cuddie A.G.Curley
A.B.Cumbers J.J.Daly R.L.F.Day
I.D.G.Donald E.Farnes E.H.Ferguson
T.B.Fitzgerald J.R.Gardner H.E.Green
A.B.Halliwell Hamer A.C.Hamilton
C.R.Hill A.J.B.Hithersay J.S.A.Hodge
J.H.Hogg A.G.V.Holton C.G.Houghton
R.A.Howley D.L.Hughes J.R.Kemp
R.Kidson L.A.Komaroff W.L.Lackie
A.Lammer F.C.A.Lanning G.Laurence
F.W.R.Litson M.J.Louden R.M.M.D.Lucas
I.N.MacDougall R.McGugan W.H.Mott
S.J.Pearman G.F.C.Pledger E.F.Porter
S.W.M.Powell R.W.Richardson J.H.Ritchie
Russell E.Salway L.W.Simpson
D.M.Slatter A.W.Smith E.J.Stevens
Swanwick H.N.Tamblin J.Waddingham
W.F.P.Webber D.R.West J.F.Wise
A.S.Wickins D.C.Williams Wilsch
D.F.Wilson J.E.Woodgate

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