No 610 Spitfire Squadron
'Ceres Rising in A Winged Car'
(County of Chester)
No 610 was pre-war Auxiliary Air Force Squadron formed on the 10th of February 1936.
No 610 Squadron flew from Biggin Hill  until it was sent to Acklington in 13 Group for a rest in September 1940.

E.S.Aldous F.J.Aldridge S.J.Arnfield
C.H.Bacon A.C.Baker C.S.Bamgerger
R.A.Beardsley B.W.Brown H.H.Chandler
H.R.Clarke J.E.Cooper R.N.Cooper
W.J.Corbin I.H.Cosby D.F.Corfe
K.H.Cox E.W.Cranwell H.D.Denchfield
Douglas N.G.Drever J.Ellis
P.Else C.R.Fenwick F.T.Gardiner
B.G.D.Gardner D.McL Gray R.F.Hamlyn
F.G.Horner G.Keighley M.T.Kirkwood
P.G.Lamb J.G.Lecky P.Litchfield
S.J.Madle E.Manton D.McL Gray
C.Merrick J.Murray W.J.Neville
S.C.Norris V.D.Page C.A.Parsons
A.D.Payne C.O.J.Pegge W.Raine
N.H.D.Ramsay B.V.Rees R.W.Richardson
A.R.Ross M.L.Robinson A.T.Smith
E.B.B.Smith W.A.Sutcliffe J.H.Tanner
N.P.Warden P.Ward-Smith W.H.C.Warner
P.I.Watson-Parker F.K.Webster C.P.L.Willcocks
D.S.Wilson P.H.Willcocks R.L.York

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