Saturday the 27th of July 1940

Day: A convoy was attacked off Swanage and destroyers sunk off Dover and Suffolk and also a raid on Belfast.  Attacks on convoys off the Thames estuary, Harwich and (the heaviest) off Portland. The very heavy attacks on Dover in which Bf 109's were used for the first time in fighter-bomber role. Plymouth and Wick in Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland also attacked.

Losses cause Admiralty to withdraw anti-invasion warships from Dover to Sheerness and Harwich, placing the onus of convoy protection even more heavily upon Fighter Command.

Night: Night raids were restricted to the South West, with minelaying off the South West and East coast.

Losses: Luftwaffe 4: Fighter Command 2.

Weather:  Fair and fine at first, with thunderstorms later.

R.A.F. Losses for Saturday the 27th of July 1940

     Squadron   Aircraft
Serial Number
No 501 Squadron Hurricane I
No 609 Squadron Spitfire I