No 253 Hurricane Squadron
Hydrabad State Squadron

'Come One Come All'

Squadron Leader H.M.Starr
Squadron Leader T.Gleave
No 253 was formed on the 7th of July 1918.
 No 253 Squadron were operating partially from Prestwick (Flying Training Command) then they moved to Kenley on the 30th of August 1940.

K.M.Allen H.H.Allgood J.A.Anderson
A.R.H.Barton D.B.Bell-Salter E.G.Bidgood
E.R.Bitmead R.W.A.Brookman G.A.Brown
G.C.T.Carthew W.P.Cambridge I.C.Clenshaw
J.K.G.Clifton S.F.Cooper A.H.Corkett
V.Cuke J.H.Dickinson A.S.Dredge
R.M.B.D.Duke-Woolley G.Edge A.Edgley
C.D.Francis T.Gleave R.C.Graves
J.D.B.Greenwood D.J.Hammond W.B.Higgins
R.A.Innes D.N.O.Jenkins E.R.Jessop
E.H.C.Kee S.Kital V.A.Kopecky
G.Marsland J.Metham P.J.Moore
L.C.Murch T.Nowak S.R.Peacock-Edwards
D.A.Pennington W.M.C.Samolinski H.M.Starr
A.A.G.Trueman J.H.Wedgewood G.V.Wedlock
R.O.Whitehead D.S.Yapp

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