No 66 Spitfire Squadron 

Squadron Leader Rupert Leigh

No 66 Squadron was formed on the 24th of July 1916 at Filton and was disbanded on the 25th of October 1919. On the 20th of July 1936 'C' flight of No 19 Squadron became No 66 Squadron and was expanded to full strength flying Gloster Gauntlets. In the August of 1938 they recieved their first Supermarine Spitfire (K9790) but the did not start re-equiping until the October. When the war broke out they were fully operational flying from Duxford. They flew air cover patrols over Dunkirk.
They moved to Kenley on the 3rd of September 1940, then moved to Gravesend  from the 11th of September 1940. 

H.R.Allen H.G.L.Allsop A.R.N.L.Appleford
S.Baker C.Bodie H.F.Burton
D.C.O.Cambell E.W.Campbell-Colquhoun M.Cameron
G.P.Christie L.W.Collingridge C.A.Cooke
H.Cook G.H.Corbett W.J.Corbin
D.F.Corfe I.J.A.Cruickshanks T.P.R.Dunworth
D.H.Forrest K.M.Gillies J.Hopewell
B.W.Hopton H.M.T.Heron D.A.C.Hunt
R.J.Hyde J.B.Kendal H.C.Kennard
P.J.C.King J.R.Mather C.A.McGaw
P.R.Mildren R.W.Oxspring D.K.Parker
J.H.T.Pickering H.W.Reilly F.N.Robertson
M.L.Robinson A.D.Smith J.A.P.Studd
B.E.Tucker R.A.Ward A.B.Watkinson

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