No 85 Hurricane Squadron
'We Hunt By Day And Night'
Squadron Leader Peter Townsend
No 85 Squadron originally  formed on the 1st of August 1917 and had two distinguished leaders Major W.A.'Billy' Bishop and Major 'Mick' Mannock.
It was reformed from 'A' flight of No 87 Squadron on the 1st of June 1936 at Debden in Essex. It was originally equipped with Gloster Gladiator's. It received its Hurricane's on the 4th of September 1938. The Squadron fought in the Battle of France and they fought well. From France they moved back to Debden they then moved to Croydon. The Squadron took part in the Battle of Britain, when with three other Hurricane units it was directed to intercept a large force of German bombers and escorting fighters. On the 3rd of September 1940, exhausted and depleted, the Squadron then went  North to Church Fenton. In October 1940, with German night raids increasing, the unit went over to night-fighting. Relying on visual contacts alone, the Hurricane's had little or no success and, in February 1941, the first twin-engined Douglas Havocs arrived to replace them.

G.Allard H.H.Allgood P.W.Arbon
J.R.A.Bailey T.C.E.Berkley J.L.Bickerdyke
G.B.Booth F.H.De La Boucher T.M.Calderwood
W.F.Carnaby J.H.M.Ellis C.E.English
W.R.Evans F.E.Fayolle G.Goodman
A.V.Gowers K.W.Gray H.R.Hamilton
C.W.Hampshire J.A.Hemingway W.H.Hodgson
H.N.Howes R.S.Hutton L.Jowitt
R.H.A.Lee A.G.Lewis J.Lockhart
T.Malony J.E.Marshall P.A.Rowell
C.A.Rust S.P.Stephenson P.Townsend
F.R.Walker-Smith E.R.Webster P.P.Woods-Scawen

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