Monday the 26th of August 1940

Day: Widespread activity, with raids between 15,000 and 20,000 ft, as well as low-level assaults and much reconnaissance. Main raids fall in Essex, where KG 2 and KG 3 aim for Debden, North Weald, Hornchurch and parts of East London; and in Kent, with Luftflotte 2 attacking Biggin Hill and Kenley. Other aircraft, from KG 55, attack Portsmouth and neighbouring airfields. Interception by fighter Wings breaks up most of the eastern raiders, and only Debden suffers major damage.
No 43 Squadron was dispatched with other squadrons to intercept fifty He 111 bombers moving westwards towards Portsmouth at 16:00hrs, escorted by one hundred fighters. It was the first major action of No 1 R.C.A.F. on this day.

Night: Night attacks were directed against Plymouth, Bournemouth, Coventry and other areas.

Losses: Luftwaffe 41: Fighter Command 31

Weather: Mainly cloudy with brighter weather in south and cloudy in Channel.