No 213 Hurricane Squadron
The Hornet Attacks When Roused

Squadron Leader H. D. McGregor
Squadron Leader D.S.Wilson-Macdonald
No 213 Squadron was formed on the 1st of April 1918 and was disbanded on te 31st of December 1919. It was re-formed on the 8th of March 1937 from 'A' flight of No 111 Squadron with Gloster Gauntlets. They re-equipped with Hawker Hurricane's in early 1939.
It was based at Exeter Satellite Station in the Filton Sector on the 13th of August 1940. They moved to Tangmere on the 7th of September 1940.

H.H.Adair H.D.Atkinson R.H.Atkinson
H.I.R.Barrow I.K.Bidgood H.G.K.Bramah
M.Buchin S.L.Butterfield G.D.Bushell
H.D.Clark P.H.W.Cottam M.E.Croskell
W.D.David M.P.Davies  B.Drake
R.D.Dunscome M.Duryasz C.Grayson
H.C.Grove R.R.Hutley D.N.Jeram
P.J.Kearsey R.W.Kellow J.E.P.Laricheliere
R.T.Llewellyn J.Lockhart W.J.M.Moss
P.P.Norris A.I.Osmand J.A.L.Phillipart
L.H.Schwind J.E.J.Sing W.M.Sizer
E.G.Snowden G.Stevens S.G.Stuckey
J.M.Strickland J.M.Talman T.R.Thompson
F.H.Tyson G.H.Westlake R.D.G.Wight
G.N.Wilkes B.A.Wlasnowolski A.Wojcicki

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