No 54 Squadron - Hornchurch 
Boldness Endures Everything

Squadron Leader D.O.Findlay
Squadron Leader J.A.Leathart

No 54 Squadron was formed on the 126th of May 1916 at Castle Bromwhich as a Home Defence Squadron and was disbanded on the 25th of October 1919. The Squadron was re-formed on the15th of January 1930 at Hornchurch. They received their first Spitfire's in march 1939. They covered the evacuation of the B.E.F. at Dunkirk.
On the 8th of August the Spitfire's of No 54 Squadron returned to Manston, a satellite airfield of Hornchurch, from a two week spell at Catterick in 13 Group. They did 4 sorties on the 3rd of September then they were relieved by No 41 Squadron and rested at Catterick

H.A.Aitkin J.L.Allen W.Armstrong
H.N.D.Bailey S.Baker G.H.Batcheloe
A.W.A.Bayne A.Black R.Blake
J.S.Bucknole A.A.Burtenshaw G.D.Calderhead
E.F.J.Charles E.J.Coleman Colebrook
G.R.Collett G.W.Couzens J.Davis
A.C.Deere T.P.R.Dunworth E.F.Edsall
D.O.Findlay A.Finnie A.Gavan
D.G.Gibbons J.N.Glendenning C.W.Goldsmith
W.E.Gore C.F.Gray D.G.Gribble
J.S.Hart L.W.Harvey W.P.Hopkin
J.Howard P.Howes J.L.Kemp
W.Klozinski W.Krepski N.A.Lawrence
J.A.Leathart L.C.Lockwood H.K.F.Matthews
A.R.McL Campbell D.A.P.McMullen S.T.Meares
P.R.Mildren N.Morrison W.J.Noble
J.K.Norwell M.Pearson R.H.Robbins
B.L.Robertson D.Secreten M.M.Shand
C.Stewart G.W.Swanwick L.Switon
P.H.Tew D.R.Turley-George B.H.Way

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