No 600 Blenheim Squadron

City of London Squadron 
 Squadron Leader David Clark

Squadron Leader Little

Squadron Leader H.L.Maxwell
No 600 Squadron was initially formed on the 14th of October 1925
The pilots and crew of No 600 Squadron saw very little combat action during the Battle, as night intercepts were extremely rare. This was partly due to the primitive nature of what little radar equipment was available, and to the poor performance of the Blenheim IF, which struggled to keep up with enemy bombers even if they were detected.

A.V.Alertini  R.Atkinson D.H.Ayers
Baker G.L.Barker E.C.Barnard
J.G.C.Barnes C.E.Blair  J.J.Booth
B.H.Bowring A.D.M.Boyd J.W.Brown
J.C.Bull A.G.Burdekin P.S.Burley
A.W.Canham J.G.Cave D.L.Clackson
D.Clark R.J.Coombs C.F.Cooper
L.E.M.Coote H.R.Crowley J.N.Davis
G.A.Denby Dermott L.Dixon
Dyer K.C.Edwards E.J.Egan
J.L.Frost A.J.Glegg K.A.G.Graham
E.J.F.Grant F.W.W.Green D.N.Grice
R.C.Haine W.R.H.Hardwick T.N.Hayes
F.G.Hindrup C.A.Hobson R.M.Holland
G.H.Holmes B.W.Hopton H.B.L.Hough
P.E.Huckin D.E.Hughes Hunter
P.R.S.Hurst H.S.Imray H.Jacobs
S.F.F.Johnson J.R.Juleff F.J.Keast
M.Kramer R.L.Lamb B.D.Larbalestier
C.S.Lewis A.L.Lipscombe Little
H.L.Maxwell E.W.Moulton A.E.Owen
P.G.Pearce C.A.Pritchard A.J.Rawlence
H.Reed A.H.Risely J.R.Ritchie
S.P. le Rougetel F.H.Schumer G.E.T.Scrase
B.Senior A.Smith E.C.Smith
E.S.Smith St. James Smith E.F.Taylor
F.J.Tearle T.W.Townshend A.Walker
J.I.B.Walker J.B.W.Warren P.Whitwell
N.J.Wheeler Willis W.D.Wiseman

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