No 604 Blenheim Squadron
'If You Want Peace Prepare For War'
County Of Middlesex Squadron

Squadron Leader M.Anderson
No 604 Squadron was formed on the 17 of March 1930.
It was based at Middle Wallop on the 13th of August 1940.


A.L.Austin J.D.Anderson D.Bayliss
W.H.Blane R.S.Brown G.O.Budd
J.D.Cameron B.Cannon R.E.Chisholm
G.P.Clark A.W.Cook E.O.Crewe
J.Cunningham R.W.Dalton J.A.Davies
G.W.Dutton Edwards G.J.Evans
Fenton J.G.B.Fletcher J.H.Folliard
K.I.Geddes T.Genney M.V.Goodman
N.H.Guthrie C.Haig Hatton
S.N.Hawke P.W.D.Heal L.Hird
Hunter A.S.Hunter P.F.Jackson
I.K.S.Joll R.W.Kennedy E.S.Lawler
P.C.F.Lawton A.C.MacLaren J.H.M.Rabone
A.C.Metcalfe A.C.Miller D.G.Moody
A.A.O'Leary M.E.Parry A.G.Patson
A.Phillips J.R.Phillipson J.T.Pickford
E.R.L.Poole C.F.Rawnsley W.G.Ripley
P.Ruston A.K.Sandifer R.H.Scott
S.H.J.Shirley J.B.Selway C.D.E.Skinner
S.H.Skinner E.L.Smith F.Smith
H.Speke C.N.D.Stewart E.Stock
C.H.S.Sumpter Tate R.H.W.Taylor
G.S.Thomas D.S.Wallen W.B.Ward
J.G.Watson E.Welch N.R.Wheatcroft
White H.G.Whittick A.Williams
W.Wright W.Yates  

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