No 151 Hurricane Squadron

'Fidelity into Duty'

Squadron Leader J.A.C.Gordon

No 151 Squadron was first formed on the 12th of July 1918.
No 151 Squadron flew Hurricanes from Martlesham Heath (a forward landing ground of North Weald) until almost the end of August. They moved briefly to Stapleford Tawney before arriving at Digby as part of 12 Group on the 1st of September. With increased enemy activity at night the unit went over to night fighting and its Hurricane's were augmented with Defiant's

H.H.Adair J.W.E.Alexander J.H.L.Allen
G.Atkinson D.Austin F.V.Beamish
H.W.Begg R.W.G.Beley K.H.Blair
D.H.Blomeley G.T.Clarke R.N.H.Courtney
F.Czajkowski L.Davies K.B.L.Debenham
E.M.Donaldson G.A.F.Edmiston J.L.W.Ellacombe
W.R.Farley T.R.H.Finch A.D.Forster
J.A.C.Gordon Grant F.Gmur
J.R.Hamar J.K.Haviland D.Haywood
 R.Holder W.B.Holroyd J.M.Horrox
M.R.Ingle-Finch J.T.Johnston T.W.Kawalecki
E.King A.Laing A.Lamb
D.E.Lamb G.G.S.Laws P.R.C.McIntosh
J.McPhee R.M.Milne D.B.F.Nicholls
W.B.Pattullo R.F.Philo G.Radwanski
J.B.Ramsay M.Rozwadowski J.E. Savill
I.S.Smith R.L.Smith J.J.Solak
L.Staples D.O.Stanley R.P.Stevens
F.Surma W.Szafranciec Talman
A.B.Tucker A.D.Wagner A.G.Wainwright
H.West R.O.Whitehead C.D.Whittingham
J.Winstanley O.M.Wightman

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