No 264 Defiant Squadron
Madras Presidency Squadron
Squadron Leader P.A.Hunter
Squadron Leader D.G.Garvin (from 24/8/40)
No 264 Squadron was formed in April 1918 as a coastal reconnaisance flight in the Mediterranean. It was disbanded on the 1st of March 1919. It was re-formed oon the 30th of October 1939 as the first unit to fly the Boulton Paul Defiant
No 264 Squadron moved to Hornchurch on the 22nd of August 1940 they were then withdrawn to Kirton-in-Lindsey on the 28th of August 1940.

Pilots & Crew
R.T.Adams M.A.Andrews R.C.V.Ash
J.R.A.Bailey B.Baker A.J.Banham
F.J.Barker E.G.Barwell L.G.Belcham
A.Berry F.D.Bowen A.Campbell
E.W.Campbell-Colquhoun S.Carlin W.F.Carnaby
V.R.Chapman M.C.Corner V.W.J.Crook
W.E.Cox Debree C.C.Ellery
C.Emeny G.D.Garvin F.Gash
R.S.Gaskell H.L.Goodall G.H.Hackwood
O.A.Hardy L.H.Hayden F.D.Hughes
P.A.Hunter C.E.Johnson J.T.Jones
D.H.S.Kay P.L.Kenner F.H.King
W.R.A.Knocker A.J.Lauder Lille
M.H.Maggs W.H.Machin Martin
W.Maxwell A.D.Meredith A.C.Melville
A.M.Montague-Smith W.R.Moore W.J.Murland
A.O'Connell D.H.C.O'Malley H.H.Percy
W.A.Ponting L.A.W.Rasmussen G.Robinson
Russell I.G.Shaw F.W.Shepherd
L.W.Simpson G.E.Smith D.M.A.Smythe
I.R.Stephenson R.W.Stokes A.J.Storrie
F.C.Sutton K.R.Sutton S.R.Thomas
E.R.Thorn J.R.Tooms A.J.Trumble
R.C.Turner Wake E.Walsh
T.D.Welsh D.Whitley M.H.Young

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