No 92 Spitfire Squadron.

Squadron Leader P. J. Sanders
No 92 Squadron was formed on the 1st of September 1917 at London Colney and was disbanded on the7th of August 1919 at Eil. It was reformed from parts of No 601 Squadron on the 10th of October 1939 at Tangmere with Blenheim If's. It re-equipped with Spitfire's and was fully operational with them on the 9th of May 1940 and went on to fly sorties over the French coast. The then went to South Wales for a rest and to fly convoy patrols.
They moved to Biggin Hill on the 9th of August 1940 and they were in the thick of the fighting. By the end of 1940 the Squadron score stood at 127 German aircraft destroyed.

L.C.Allton S.M.Barraclough A.C.Bartley
H.Bowen-Morris J.S.Bryson J.F.Drummond
H.D.Edwards W.T.Ellis P.R.Eyles
E.T.G.Frith R.H.Fokes F.N.Hargreaves
R.E.Havercroft H.P.Hill K.C.Holland
R.H.Holland J.Kent D.E.Kingaby
C.B.F.Kingcome R.C.F.Lister J.W.Lund
J.Mansel-Lewis H.W.McGowan R.Mottram
T.G.Oldfield K.B.Parker J.A.Pattison
A.J.S.Pattinson F.J.Sanders C.H.Saunders
T.B.A.Sherrington R.R.Stanford-Tuck C.Sydney
T.S.Wade W.C.Watling G.N.A.Wellum
D.G.Williams A.R.Wright B.Wright

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