Sunday the 11th of August 1940

Day: The first attack was at 07:30hrs with feint attacks on Dover but main shipping attack centered on Portland Naval Base. There was heavy dog-fighting over Isle of Wight and Weymouth areas, 7 RAF Squadrons ( No 87- No 213- No 601- No 111 - No 238 - No 145) engaging about 400 enemy aircraft which consisted of  Ju 88's, He 111's, Bf 109's and Bf 110's. Further shipping attacks happened between Margate and The Wash.

Night: Attacks centered on an area from the Severn Estuary up to Merseyside with some more mine laying.

Losses: Luftwaffe 38 : Fighter Command 32.

Weather:  Mainly fair, with increasing cloud during the day.

Fighter Command losses for the day Click HERE !.