Thursday the 8th of August 1940

Day: There were several massed attacks, chiefly by Ju 87's of Fliegerkorps VIII escorted by Bf 109's of JG 27 on a westbound convoy of 20 ships in the Channel. Several ships were sunk. Most Luftwaffe losses inflicted by No 43 and No 145 Squadron's. Concentrated reconnaissance sweeps over south-eastern England by elements from JG's 3, 26, 51, 53 and 54 were met by Spitfire's from No 41, No 64, and No 610 Squadron's. Four Spitfire's were lost (with three of their pilots killed), one force landed with two others badly damaged.
The second attack on the "Peewit" convoy happened  about  midday as the convoy was East of the Isle of Wight.  57 Stuka's escorted by about 30 or so Bf 109's from JG 27, and a further 20 Bf 110's of LG 1, were intercepted by a mixture of some 30 Spitfire's and Hurricane's from No 145 Squadron, No 257, and No 609 Squadron's, later joined by more Hurricane's of No 238 Squadron. The Stuka's still managed to get through, sinking four ships and damaging seven others.
Determined to sink the entire convoy, Fliegerkorps VIII returned in force at 17.00 hrs, with eighty-two Stuka's in another attack to the South of the Isle of Wight, escorted by 68 Bf 109's and Bf 110's. No 10 and No 11 Groups responded with seven squadrons. No 145 Squadron was amongst these, returning for its third battle over the convoy for the day.
Six ships limped into the nearest port, four of the original convoy arrived at their intended destination of Swanage, Dorset.

Night: Night bombing over wide area of England and Wales. Mine laying by Fliegerdivision IX.

Losses: Luftwaffe 31 : Fighter Command 20.

Weather: Mainly cloudy, with showers and bright intervals. Cloud base on this morning was 2,000 feet