No.111 Hurricane Squadron 

Standing By
Squadron Leader J.Thompson
No 111 Squadron was formed on the 1st of August 1917 in Palestine from a flight of No 14 Squadron. On the 1st of February 1920 it was re-numbered No 14 Squadron until the 1st of October 1923 at Duxford and became No 111 Fighter Squadron. They made history by becoming the first Squadron to receive the Hawker Hurricane in late 1937.
They operated from Croydon Satellite Station until the 19th of August 1940. It then transferred to Debden until the 3rd of September 1940 then  returned to Croydon on the 7th of September 1940

R.H.Atkinson G.S.P.Bain J.Bayly
A.G.Biggar P.Blaize R.J.W.Brown
D.C.Bruce R.F.Bumstead R.Carnall
S.D.P.Connors J.H.H.Copeman J.B.Courtis
J.T.Craig E.E.Croker K.Dawick
A.H.Deacon R.G.Dutton W.L.Dymond
H.M.Ferris A.G.A.Fisher M.B.Fisher
H.S.Giddings P.R.J.Gilbert K.A.G.Graham
A.H.Gregory C.W.Hampshire H.G.Hardman
T.P.K.Higgs O.Hruby E.R.Jessop
J.K.Kay M.Kellett O.Kestler
V.A.Kopecky J.V.Kucera C.W.MacDougal
J.Macinski K.M.Macujowski J.L.Malinski
M.J.Mansfeld A.G.McIntyre J.W.McKenzie
H.S.Newton B.Olewinski A.D.Page
O.W.Porter R.P.R.Powell J.Poplawski
J.R.Ritchie D.H.Richards J.Robinson
R.Sellers L.M.Sharp F.H.Silk
R.B.Simm P.J.Simpson R.H.Smythe
S.Stegman L.J.Tweed K.J.Vykoural
Waghorn T.Y.Wallace R.W.M.Walsh
R.R.Wilson T.V.Worral

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