No 17 Hurricane Squadron
Strive to Exell

Squadron Leader C.W.Williams
Squadron Leader A.G.Miller

No 17 Squadron was formed on the 1st of February 1915 at Gosport for service overseas and was disbanded on the 14th of November 1919. It was re-formed on the 1st of April 1924 as a fighter Squadron at Hawkinge. They got their first Hurricanes in the June of 1939. It was involved in the heavy fighting in France and over Dunkirk.
They flew from Tangmere and were at Debden on the 13th of August 1940. They were detached to Tangmere on the 19th of August 1940, they then returned to Debden on the 2nd of September 1940. Unlike many of the Squadrons No 17 was not rested and fought all the way through the Battle of Britain and into November 1940. They were finally rested in April 1941 when they were posted to Scotland to fly convoy patrols.

L.H.Bartlett A.W.A.Bayne G.R.Bennett
H.Bird-Wilson H.P.Blatchford P.N.Brett
H.W.A.Briton N.Cameron M.Chelmecki
C.A.Chew W.E.Coope Count M.B.Czernin
P.L.Dawburn W.J.Ethrington F.Fajtl
D.Fopp G.Griffiths D.H.W.Hanson
R.Hamblin W.J.Harper R.D.Hogg 
F.Kordula L.Kumiega D.C.Leary
A.P.Lines R.I.G.MacDougall K.Manger
A.G.Miller H.Morgan-Gray P.Niemiec
D.J.North-Bomford J.K.Ross G.E.Pittman
D.A.Sewell N.D.Solomon L.W.Stevens
G.A.Steward C.W.Williams D.H.Wissler

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