Junkers Ju87`Stuka`



Designer : H.Junkers
Description : Two Seat Dive Bomber
Type : Low Wing Monoplane

Wingspan : 45 ft 3.5 inches
Length : 36 ft 1 inch
Power Plant : Junkers Jumo 211D
B.H.P. : 1,400 bhp
Armament : 3 X 7.9 mm machine guns
Bomb Load : 1,540 lb
Weight Loaded : 9,370 lb 


Max Speed : 232mph at 13,500 ft
Service Ceiling : 26,248 ft
Range : 370 miles

The Ju 87A first flew in 1935 with a Jumo 210 engine rated at 680-hp. Later variants used the Jumo 211 rated at 1,200-hp. Early in the war it had an awesome reputation which was later to prove unfounded. It served in all the battle areas from Spanish Civil War right to the end of the war. when it was faced with some competition in the Battle of Britain it proved very vulnerable. It was withdrawn from the front line service after heavy losses on the 18th of August 1940 . The Ju 87 was converted to anti tank and anti shipping roles very successfully especially in experienced hands.


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