F/O A.Cebrzynski from Poland of No 303 Squadron was shot down and killed on the 11th of September 1940 at 16:15. His Hurricane I (V7465) crashed near Pembury after combat over South London.
P/O H.H.Chalder of No 266 Squadron was injured in the foot during the bombing raid on Eastchurch on the 13th of August 1940. He then moved to No 41 Squadron  and on the 28th of September he was shot down and he baled out, seriously wounded, before his Spitfire I (X4409) exploded in mid-air. H.H.Chalder was admitted to hospital, he died of his wounds on the 10th of November, aged 25.
P/O Stanislaw J.Chalupa from Poland flew Hurricane's with No 302 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He became a Flight Lieutenant and his score was 3 confirmed kills and 2 shared.
P/O P.Challoner Lindsey of No 601 Squadron was shot down in his Hurricane I (P2753) by a Bf 109 of JG 27 on the 26th of July 1940 at 10:00hrs, 2 miles off St Catherines Point. He was buried at Wimereux, France aged 20.
W/C George P.Chamberlain was a cadet at Cranwell in 1923. He set up the night fighter interception (F.I.U.) unit flying Blenheim's. He later became Air Vice-Marshal.
Sgt H.H.Chandler was a non-flying member of No 610 Squadron before the war. He qualified as a Sergeant-Pilot and then rejoined No 610 Squadron in April 1940.  He was awarded the D.F.M. on the 22nd of October 1940, with six enemy aircraft destroyed at that time, and also the A.F.C. on the 2nd of April 1943.
Sgt H.D.Charnock of No 64 Squadron crashed his Spitfire I (K9903) near Ternhill, Shropshire on the 6th of September 1940 at 08:30hrs. He was unhurt but the aircraft was a write off.
P/O C.A.G.Chetham of No 1 Squadron lost control of his Hurricane I (P3897) in searchlights on the 27th of August 1940. He baled out safely in Buckinghamshire.
Sgt D.J.Chipping of No 222 Squadron was killed on the 5th of September 1940 at 15:00hrs. His Spitfire I (X4057) was shot down by A.A. fire over Dover while he was in combat.
F/Lt T.P.Chlopik from Poland flew with No 302 (Polish) Squadron. He was killed on the 15th of September 1940 at 14:55hrs. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P2954) while he was in combat but was dead when he landed.
P/O J.A.G.Chomley of No 257 Squadron was killed when his Hurricane I (P3662) was shot down over the Channel off Portsmouth at 13:00hrs on the 12th of August 1940.
F/Lt G.P.Christie a Canadian of No 66 Squadron was wounded on the 5th of September 1940 at 16:00hrs. His Spitfire I (K9944) crashed at Gillingham, Kent after combat with  Bf 109's over the northern part of Kent.
Sgt J.M.Christie of No 152 Squadron was shot down an killed on the 26th of September 1940 at 16:50 hrs. His Spitfire I (K9882) was attacked by a Bf 109 off Swanage.
P/O B.E.Christmas a Canadian flew a Hurricane with No 1 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron. He destroyed four enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain.
P/O E.W.G.Churches joined No 74 Squadron in Spitfire's on the 21st of August 1940 at Kirton-in-Lindsay from No 7 O.T.U.
S/L Walter Churchill was the Squadron Leader of No 605 Squadron until F/L A.McKellar took over command on the 11th of September 1940.
P/O A.W.Clarke of No 504 Squadron was shot down and killed on the 11th of September 1940 at 16:00 in his Hurricane I (P3770) over Romney.
Sgt. G.S.Clarke was with No 248 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He and the other crew (C.C.Bennett & G.B.Brash) were killed in action flying in Blenheim IVf (R3626) on the 1st of October 1940.They failed to return from a Recce/Sortie off the Norwegian coast.
Sgt G.T.Clarke joined No 151 Squadron in early July. He was shot down and wounded by  Bf 109's over Ramsgate on the 24th of August 1940, at 15:55hrs  He crash-landed his Hurricane I (P3273) and was admitted to hospital. Sgt G.T.Clarke was awarded the A.F.C. on the 7th of September 1945.
F/O G.N.S.Cleaver was part of No 601 Squadron's contingent in France, he shot down three of the enemy before No 601 Squadron was withdrawn to England. Cleaver shot down another three before the 8th of August, and three more afterwards. On the 15th of August 1940 his Hurricane's cockpit was shattered by a cannon shell and his eyes were filled with perspex splinters. He returned to base and was rushed to hospital. His sight was saved, but he never flew operationally again. Cleaver was awarded the D.F.C. on the 13th of September 1940.
Sgt Ian.C.Clenshaw of No 253 Squadron on the 10th of July 1940 flying his Hurricane (P3359) in bad weather from Kirton in Lindsay crashed at Irby-on-Humber, Lincolnshire. He was on a dawn patrol and lost his life.
P/O J.K.G.Clifton of No 253 Squadron was killed on the 1st of September 1940. He was shot down in his Hurricane (P5182) over Dungeness at 14:00hrs.
Wilfrid Greville Clouston was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 15th of January  1916. His first posting after training was to Duxford where he joined No 19 Squadron.  The Squadron was immediately operational at the outbreak of war, protecting shipping in the North Sea. It was not until May 1940, after the German invasion of the Low Countries, that the Squadron saw any action. On the 11th of May Clouston shared in destroying a Ju 88 and on the 23rd of May he shot down a Bf 109.  The Squadron moved south on the 25th of May for operations over the Dunkirk beaches. Clouston destroyed two Ju 87s on the 26th of May, followed by one Do 17 and probably another on the 27th. On the 1st of June he destroyed one Bf 109, with another listed as probable and a third damaged. The evacuation having been successfully completed, No 19 Squadron returned to Duxford and Clouston was subsequently awarded the D.F.C. In late August 1940 the Squadron took part in the Battle of Britain and before it ended on the 31st of October 1940. Clouston claimed the destruction of three enemy aircraft, two as probables and shared another. He was promoted to Wing Commander 
He died in Waipukurau, New Zealand on May 24, 1980. 
P/O Arthur Victor Clowes was a Sergeant with No 1 Squadron flying Hurricane's in France and during the Battle of Britain. In France he shot down a Bf 109 2 Bf 110's and a Ju 87. He was commissioned in September 1940 and went on to become Wing Commander and was awarded a D.S.O. (in May 1941) and a D.F.M. (in June 1940). 
F/O W.P.Clyde was part of No 601 Squadron's contingent in France, flying a Hurricane he shot down a Bf 110 in the detachment's two weeks there. Clyde was awarded the D.F.C. on the 31st of May 1940. Clyde added two more kills before the 8th of August, and a further 6 kills before the end of the Battle.