No 504 Hurricane Squadron 
'It Avenges in the Wind'

County of Nottingham Squadron

Squadron Leader J.Sample
No 504 was formed on the 26th of March 1928.
They operated from Castletown Satellite Station. They moved to Hendon, under the Northolt Sector on the 6th of September 1940 and they were in the thick of the action on the 15th of September. 

A.W.Clarke  W.Barnes B.M.Bush
E.M.Frisby J.R.Hardacre C.Haww
D.Haywood D.A.Helcke R.T.Holmes
H.N.Hunt H.D.B.Jones A.G.Lewis
A.J.McGreggor T.Parsons A.Rook
M.Rook M.E.A.Royce W.B.Royce
G.H.Spencer C.M.Stavert R.E.Tongue
K.V.Wendel B.E.White  

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