Tuesday the 13th of August 1940
Day: 'Eagle Day' activity was postponed until 12.00 hours, but three main raids early on against the Eastchurch, Sheerness (Do 17's of KG 2), Odiham (Ju 88's of KG 54) and Portland (also KG 54). The second of these misses target altogether, and the effects of the others are not serious. The main offensive begins in the afternoon with a two-pronged attack by Luftflotten 2 and 3, spearheaded by Ju 88's from LG 1 and Ju 87's and Bf 110's from VIII Fliegerkorps. These attacks range all along the South Coast from Portland to the Thames estuary. The airfields damaged include Detling and Eastchurch (seriously), and Benson, Middle Wallop and Thorney Island (slightly). Ventnor radar is still out of action.
Night: Night raiding carried out across Midlands to South Wales and the west, and (by Luftflotte 5) against Northern Scotland.
Luftwaffe flew 1,485 sorties, Fighter Command flew 700 sorties.

Losses: Luftwaffe 34: Fighter Command 13.

Weather: Mainly fair after misty start; some thin, high cloud with drizzle at times.