No 1 (R.C.A.F.) Hurricane Squadron

I did not find a Crest for No1 R.C.A.F.

So this is the one For No 401 Squadron as they became that Squadron

At the outbreak of war, 115 Squadron of the R.C.A.F. Auxiliary was reinforced by some regulars of No 1 Squadron of the R.C.A.F. to form the new No 1 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron. These men arrived in England on 20 June and underwent six weeks training at Middle Wallop, during which time its Hurricanes were modified to U.K. standards. They then moved to Croydon and flew each day to Northolt for instruction by No 111 Squadron, who had been the first R.A.F. Squadron to receive Hurricanes, before becoming operational on the 17 August 1940. Uniquely, initially the squadron pilots were all officers. On 1 March 1941 all non-RAF squadrons were renumbered to eliminate duplication, and No 1 (R.C.A.F.) was renumbered No 401 Squadron.
 All members of the Squadron were Canadian, unless otherwise noted. It should be noted that some of the other "Canadian" pilots who flew for the RAF were actually Americans who falsely stated their nationality to avoid problems with their embassy, who were discouraging any involvement in the war by their subjects.
E.W.Beardmore C.E.Briese D.De Peyster Brown
J.A.Chevrier B.E.Christmas V.B.Corbett
J.P.J. Desloges R.L.Edwards B.Hanbury
F.W.Hillock G.C.Hyde J.W.Kerwin
R.G.Lewis T.B.Little P.W.Lochnan
G.R.McGregor E.A.McNab W.B.M.Miller
H.deM Molson A.D.Nesbitt R.W.Norris
Pattison O.J.Peterson E.M.Reyno
B.D.Russel P.B.Pitcher R.Smither
W.P.Sprenger Trevana A.M.Yuile

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