No.1 (R.A.F.) Hurricane Squadron 
First In All Things

Squadron Leader D. A. Pemberton
No 1 (RAF) Squadron was formed on the 13th of April 1912 but did not become an aeroplane unit until May 1912. They received their first Hurricanes in October 1938 when  'B' Flight broke off and formed No 72 Squadron. The first kill was scored in France in the October of 1939, A Do 17.

They were based at Tangmere and on the 1st of August 1940 opened the account in the Battle of Britain  by shooting down 2 Bf 110's. They moved to Wittering on the 9th of September 1940 for a rest. 

J.Arbuthnot F.G.Berry C.N.Birch
P.V.Boot B.M.Brown D.O.M.Browne
M.H.Brown N.Cameron C.A.G.Chetham
E.Cizek A.V.Clowes J.A.J.Davey
M.P.Davies R.H.Dibnah J.A.Dixon
B.Drake J.Dygryn J.F.D.Elkington
F.Fajtl J.R.Farrow J.F.F.Finnis
G.E.Goodman B.A.Hanbury H.B.L.Hillcoat
C.G.Hodson J.B.Holderness N.P.W.Hancock
V.Jicha F.Kordula B.Kratkoruky
A.Kershaw K.M.Kuttlewascher H.J.Mann
P.G.H.Matthews H.J.Merchant J.G.P.Millard
J.E.De Mozay W.T.Page O.Pavlu
D.A.Pemberton H.W.Pettit J.C.E.Robinson
H.N.E.Salmon M.M.Shanahan R.H.Shaw
C.M.Stavert J.Stefan A.Velebrnovski
M.P.Wareham S.Warren J.Webber

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