F/O G.E.Moberley from No 616  Squadron was killed on the 26th of August 1940 at 12:15hrs. He was shot down over Dover by a Bf 109. His Spitfire I (N3275) crashed at Eastchurch in Kent.
F/O HdeM Molson a Canadian of No 1 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron was involved in a landing accident on his return from a sortie at Hornchurch on the 18th of August 1940 and damaged his Hurricane I (3757).  He was credited with damaging three aircraft before downing a He 111 on the 11th of September 1940. He was shot down by fighters and baled out of his Hurricane I (P3873) over Canterbury, wounded, on the 5th of October 1940. Molson returned to Canada early in 1941.
P/O C.R.Montgomery of No 615 Squadron was shot down and killed over the Channel off Dover on the 14th of August 1940 in a Hurricane I (P3160) at 12:50hrs. 
C.R.Montgomery is buried at Pye Plage, France, he was 26 years old.
Sgt H.F.Montgomery joined No 43 Squadron on the 3rd of August 1940. H.F.Montgomery was K.I.A. off Dover while on patrol in a Hurricane I (P3160) on the 14th of August 1940, at 12:50hrs. He was aged 26. 
H.F.Montgomery is buried at Oye Plage, France.
P/O Harry W.Moody from No 602 Squadron baled safely out of his Spitfire I (P9423) on the 19th of August 1940 at 14:50hrs near North Berstead. He had been attacking a Ju 88 off Bognor Regis and his aircraft was hit by return fire from the rear gunner. Moody suffered slight burns to his hands. On the 7th of September 1940 he was shot down and killed near Biggin Hill at 17:30hrs in his Spitfire I (X4256).
S/Ldr. JamesWinter Carmichael (Hank) More was a pre war member of the R.A.F. He flew to France in April 1940 to take command of No 73 Squadron in Hurricane's where he shot down several enemy aircraft. He was awarded the D.F.C. He did not shoot any down during the Battle of Britain. He was killed later in the war.
F/L T.F.D.Dalton Morgan joined No 43 Squadron in June as "B" Flight commander. Morgan scored 2 kills up to the 7th of August 1940. On the 8th of August 1940 he shot down a Bf 109 and a Ju 87, and also shot down a He 111 on the 13th of August 1940. He scored three more kills during the Battle, as well as 7 more kills at night (including two on the same night) after the Battle.  Dalton-Morgan was made the leader of the Squadron on the 16th of September 1940  Dalton-Morgan was awarded the D.F.C. on the 6th of September 1940,the Bar on the 30th of May 1941, and the D.S.O. on the 25th of May 1943. 
P/O H.Morgan-Gray from No 46 Squadron was wounded on the 3rd of September 1940 at 10:30hrs. He baled out of his Hurricane I wounded after being attacked by a Bf 109 over Rochford.
P/O E.J.Morris a South African from No 79 Squadron was wounded on the 31st of August 1940 at 18:50hrs. He crash landed his Hurricane I (P3877) after combat with a Do 17.
Sgt J.P.Morrison from No 46 Squadron was K.I.A. on the 22nd of October 1940. He was shot down in his Hurricane I (R4074) over Dungeness at 16:50hrs.
P/O J.S.Morton of No 603 Squadron was on patrol on the 5th of October 1940 at 11:55hrs when his Spitfire I (K9807) was shot down by a Bf 109  of JG 53 over Dover. He baled out but was burned.
P/O Roy Mottram from No 92 Squadron was wounded when he crashed and burned his Spitfire I  (N3193) after combat with a Bf 109 over Hollingbourne, Kent, on the 18th of September 1940 at 09:55hrs.
R.Mottram was killed in action in a Spitfire V on the 31st of August 1941 flying with No 54 Squadron on a fighter sweep over France. He is buried at Merville, France.
Sgt E.A.'Tony' Mould of No 74 Squadron was flying patrol over France and was brought down on the 25th of May1940, he returned to England by boat. He made a forced landing on the 10th of July 1940 after sustaining battle damage to his Spitfire (P9446) whilst attacking some 26 Dorniers escorted by fighters over a convoy near Dover. Mould was shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 26 off Dover on the 28th of July 1940 at 14:20 in his Spitfire I (P9336). He baled out and was wounded.
P/O M.H.Moundsen joined No 56 Squadron in June 1940. He claimed a Ju 87 on the 25th of July and a Bf 110 on the 13th of  August 1940. P/O M.H.Moundsen added two more fighters to his score before being himself shot down in his Hurricane I (R4197) by Bf 109's over Colchester on the 31st of August 1940 at 08:40hrs. Moundsen was hospitalised for nine months.
F/O Christopher J. 'Mickey' Mount flew with No 602 Squadron in Spitfire's during the Battle of Britain. On the 18th of August 1940 his aircraft was damaged in a fight with a Bf 109 from III Gruppe of  JG 27 near Bognor at 14:35hrs. He landed the aircraft at Westhampnett.
P/O M.R.Mudie from No 615 Squadron flying a Hurricane (L1584) was shot down by a Bf 109 from JG 53 at 15:30hrs on the 14th of July 1940 while he was on convoy patrol. He baled out over Dover and was rescued but he died on the 15th of July 1940.
P/O I.J.Muirhead D.F.C. of No 605 Squadron baled out of his Hurricane I (V7305) safely on the 7th of October 1940 over Bexley, Kent at 11:45hrs after combat with a Bf 109. He was promoted to Flight Lieutenant in October 1940. On the 15th of October 1940 he baled out of his Hurricane I (N2546) too low at Darland, Nr Gillingham, Kent and was killed. He had been in combat with Bf 109's over Maidstone at 11:45hrs.
S/L Mieczyslaw Mulmer from Poland was the leader of No 302 Squadron during the Battle of Britain flying Hurricane's. His tally of kills was 5 plus 1 shared and 2 damaged.
F/Lt John Colin Mungo-Park joined No 74 Squadron flying Spitfire's on the 5th of September 1939 a  few days after the war had started. He became Commander of the Squadron in the April of 1941, but was killed by a Bf 109 in a fighter sweep over France on the evening of the 27th of June 1941 in  a Spitfire V (X4668). He was burid at Adinkerke, Belgium, aged 23.
P/O L.C.Murch from No 253 Squadron was unhurt when he crashed at Nonnington, Kent on the 3rd of September 1940 when his engine cut during a forced landing in his Hurricane I (P3610) at 07:00hrs. He was injured on the 11th of October 1940 when he baled out of his Hurricane I  (V6570) with a broken arm. He had been in combat over Tunbridge Wells at 12:00hrs.