No 73 Hurricane Squadron 

'Protector and Avenger'
Squadron Leader M. W. Robinson

No 73 Squadron was formed on the 1st of July 1917 at Upavon and was disbanded on the 2nd of July 1919. It was re-formed on the 15th of March 1937 with Hawker Fury's and then Gloster Gladiator's. They moved to Digby where they re-equipped with Hawker Hurricane's. The moved to France with No 1 Squadron as part of the Hurricane Wing of the Advanced Striking Force. they left France on the17th of June 1940 and they built up to Squadron strength again at Church Fenton.
The Squadron moved to Debden on the 5th of September 1940

M.L.Beytagh J.J.Brimble P.E.G.Carter
H.W.Eliot R.V.Ellis R.H.Furneaux
J.J.Griffin E.J.Kain  D.S.Kinder
N.C.Langham-Hobart M.E.Leng R.E.Lovett
J.A.F.MacLachlan A.McFadden C.A.McGaw
R.A.Marchand A.E.Marshall A.L.McNay
K.M.Millist J.W.C.More A.D.Murray
P.H.Murray F.S.Perkin R.Plenderleith
R.B.J.Price R.D.Rutter A.E.Scott
D.S.Scott J.D.Smith K.J.Vykoural
H.G.Webster W.C.Willis

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