No 79 Hurricane Squadron
'Nothing Can Withstand Us'
Madras Presidency Squadron

Squadron Leader J.H.Hayworth
No 79 Squadron was first formed on the 1st of August 1917 and was disbanded on the 15th of July 1919. It was re-formed from 'B' Flight of No 32 Squadron on the 22nd of March 1937 and brought up to Squadron strength with Gloster Gauntlets. It received its Hawker Hurricane's before the outbreak of The War. It was sent to France on the 10th of May 1940 but was only there for 10 days. 
No 79 Squadron operated from Acklington they moved to Biggin Hill on the 27th of August 1940 and transferred to Pembrey on the 8th of September 1940

M.A.Birrell H.A.Bolton F.S.Brown
L.T.Bryant-Fenn R.W.Clarke R.F.H.Clerke
D.G.Clift G.D.L.Hayson J.H.Hayworth
H.K.Laycock J.E.Marshall P.F.Mayhew
W.H.Millington E.J.Morris M.Mudry
G.H.Nelson-Edwards B.R.Noble T.C.Parker
L.A.Parr G.C.B.Peters S.Piatkowski
D.W.A.Stones O.V.Tracey G.W.Varley
A.W.Whitby J.Wright A.R.Zatonski

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