Wednesday the 7th of August 1940

Day: Luftwaffe was again restricted chiefly to reconnaissance, though one convoy was attacked off Cromer. Bomber Command attacked the Haamstede base of JG 54, destroying 2  Bf 109s and damaging 5 others on ground. The order to attack British airfields was given by Generalfeldmarchall Albert Kesselring on this day.

Night: There were widespread raids from the Thames to Aberdeen, from Poole to Cornwall and the North to Liverpool. There was a marked increase in night raids, with scattered nuisance missions up entire East Coast, and in the South West and over Merseyside.

Losses: Luftwaffe 6 : Fighter Command 1.

Weather: It was generally fair, but cloudy in South East and some thunderstorms along the East Coast.

R.A.F. Losses for Wednesday the 7th of August 1940
Serial Number
No 616 Squadron
 Spitfire I