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Squadron Leader Dave Glaser

Details of V.Slouf 312 Squadron

Details on H.C.Sawyer

Richard Walther Darre's Nazi Speach


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  The site is dedicated to the men and women of the Battle of Britain. If these pilots, crew, fitters, ferry pilots, cooks, and all concerned with Fighter Command had not succeeded in thwarting the Luftwaffe, who knows what the world would be like now.

This site has has no frames so that it can be viewed in most browsers. I have done this deliberately. There are a few java scripts that might not run in some browsers. I mainly use I.e. 5 for viewing but it all works with Netscape 4 and above on my machine. 
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This list of the men is as complete as I have data for. A thank you is due to Floyd Williston who corrected some errors with my details on some Canadians. Also Pavel Vancata has corrected me on the spelling of the Czech names, he also has a site.  For Pavels Site Click Here

Some of the photo's on the site I took myself, and you are welcome to use them as you like. They are the BF 109, Spitfire, Hurricane  and the entrance to The Museum at Manston.
If you have any ideas or reference material that you think might be useful please contact me by E-Mail .

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