No 145 Hurricane Squadron  

'We Fight By Day Or Night'

Squadron Leader J.R.A.Peel

No 145 Squadron was formed on the15th of May 1918. It had been disbanded between the wars and reformed at Croydon at the end of 1939 with Blenheims. In March 1940 the unit received its first Hurricanes I's and during May its pilots found themselves ferrying Hurricanes to France and assisting the Squadrons there. No 145 Squadron's first action of the war on the 18th of May. On patrol over Brussels twelve He III's were intercepted in broken cloud. When the German bombers emerged from cover the Hurricane's attacked.
The Squadron flew daily patrols during the evacuation from Dunkirk .They then flew Hurricanes from Westampnett from the 31st of July to the 13th of August 1940 and covered the evacuation at Dunkirk. On the 14th of August they moved North to Drem in No 13 Group for a rest, then moved to Dyce (also in 13 Group) at the end of August. On the 9th of October they returned to the Tangmere Sector, where they had been at the start of the Battle.

E.D.Baker J.H.Bachman A.H.Boyd
G.R.Branch J.Budzinski R.Bungey
G.C.T.Carthew R.A.Chignell P.W.Dunning-White
R.G.Dutton D.N.Forde J.K.Haire
J.H.Harrison B. de Hemptinne D.G.S.Honor
W.J.Johnson A.Jottard I.H.Kestin
J.Kwiecinski J.Machaceck J.A.F.MacLachlan
J.McConnell M.A.Newbury M.A.Newling
J.Offenberg A.Ostowicz C.L.Page
W.Pankratz P.L.Parrott J.R.A.Peel
P.W.Rabone R.M.B.Rowley L.A.Sears
Lord Shuttleworth F.A.Smith J.E.Storrar
D.B.Sykes P.Thorpe W.Urbanowicz
J.V.Wadham E.C.J.Wakeham F.Weber
 A.N.C.Weir R.D.Yule  

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