No 242 Hurricane Squadron 
'Always Ready'

Squadron Leader Douglas Bader

No 242 Squadron was formed in the August of 1918 as a coastal recce unit and was disbanded in May 1919. It was reformed on the 30th oof October 1939. Its aircraft initially were Blenheim If''s and Fairy Battles. In the January of 1940 they started receiving Hurricanes and became operational on the 23rd of March 1940. They then went to France until the 18th of June fighting a rearguard action. The Squadron the returned to Coltishall with very little equipment and spares.
Famous fighter pilot Douglas Bader took command of the much-depleted and demoralized Squadron, reforming and reorganizing it to become operational again on the 9th of July 1940.
They moved to Duxford on the 2nd of September 1940 and became part of the Duxford Wing with No 19 Squadron and No 310 Squadron.

J.F.Armitage D.R.S.Bader E.Ball
E.G.Barwell J.Benzie G.W.Brimble
M.K.Brown R.Bush H.Burton
N.Campbell J.G.Cave R.J.Cork
D.Crowley-Milling L.Cryderman R.H.Dibnah
H.S.L.Dundass A.F.Eckford R.E.Gardner
R.D.Grassic N.Hart M.G.Homer
N.L.D.Kemp J.B.Latta R.V.H.Lonsdale
W.L.McNight A.D.Meredith P.J.Patterson
J.A.Porter G.Powell-Sheddon E.Richardson
B.A.Rogers K.M.Sclanders N.Stansfield
H.N.Tamblin Terras?? P.S.S.Turner

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